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(Transcribed Over Several Issues during 1999 in Campbell County History News)

The 1834 Newport City directory is the earliest found in the local libraries and was part of a larger book that included Covington.  Please note that many street names have changed, street numbers were not used and locations are usually identified as being between (b) two streets, near (n) a location or at the corner (c) of two streets.


Abiel Henry, Boards at Newport hotel.
Addleson John, carpenter, Columbia b Madison and  Bellevue.
Ainsworth Thomas, merchant, Front b Yorke and  Columbia.
Akins John, wool carder, boards at C. Magee’s.
Allen William, carpenter, Bellevue b Yorke and  Saratoga.
Anderson James D. grocer, Taylor b Columbia and  Front.
Anderson Robert, boards at Jos. Keene’s.
Arnson Thos. shoe maker, c Taylor and Yorke.


Ball E. machinist, boards at John White’s.
Ball Daniel, boards at Newport hotel.
Baltz Peter, Satatoga n Bellevue.
Barbee Hiram, engineer, boards at C. Magee’s
Barlow James, engineer, Factory Row.
Barlow John, machinist, boards at Jas. Barlow’s
Baxter Wyatt, boards at Newport hotel.
Baxter Mrs. Mary, c Yorke and Taylor.
Bennett Dr. John, Yorke n Court house.
Bennett Bartlett, boards at Dr. Bennett’s.
Bennett Peter, laborer, Jefferson b Yorke and  Columbia.
Berry Mrs. Agnes, Yorke b Taylor and Bellevue.
Bessom Wm, bricklayer, Front n Factory.
Biggs Wm. painter, boards at H. Taylor’s
Biggs Allen P. painter, Monmouth b Front and  Taylor.
Birch Richard, carpenter, boards at Jno. Doxon’s.
Birch Mrs. Mary, c Yorke and Taylor.
Boyd John, machinest, boards at T. Mashbank’s.
Boyd David, cabinet maker, Jefferson b Yorke and  Columbia.
Brown William, flax hackler, Front b Yorke and  Monmouth.
Brown Jas. clerk, Cincinnati land office, h Taylor b  Columbia and Cabot.
Brown Thos, boards at Wm. Simmons’
Burt Luke, bricklayer, c Madison and Yorke.
Bustlow Saml, boards at Joseph Keene’s.


Carter Samuel, river trader, Monmouth b Front  and Taylor.
Casey Andrew, machinist, boards at T.  Mashbank’s.
Chadwick John, carder, boards at A. Leonard’s.
Chapman _____, boards at John Doxon’s.
Chipman Stephen, Front b Yorke and Monmouth.
Clark George, carpenter, at Wm. Allen’s.
Cline John A. boards at G. W. Doxon’s.
Clough, John, machinist, c Taylor and Saratoga.
Conner Saml. blacksmith, Saratoga b Taylor and  Front.
Cooper Thos. machinist, boards at J. Barlow’s.
Cordner Andrew, laborer, Saratoga b Front and  Taylor.
Cromie Mrs. Elizabeth, c Taylor and Cabot.


Daniel Charles, constable, c Taylor and  Columbia.
Darling Issac, river trader, Monmouth b Front  and Taylor.
Davidson Walter, rope maker, bds at R. Howe’s.
Dean Thos, laborer, Lindsey’s Row.
Dickerson __, machinest, boards at H. Johnson’s.
Devine Hewitt, Laborer, Monmouth b Front and  Taylor.
Doughty C. M. steam boat captain, alley b front and Taylor.
Downard Thos, Lindsey’s Row.
Doxon George W. Newport Exchange, h Front b  Yorke and Monmouth.
Doxon John, grocer, Yorke n Court house, h  Saratoga b Front and Taylor.
Duneghue John, saddler, boards at W. Griffin’s.
Dye James, wagon maker, Monmouth b Taylor  and Bellevue.


Eckard Leonard M. plasterer, Jefferson b Yorke  and Monmouth.
Ellison Mrs. H. Monmouth b Front and Taylor.
Evans __, flax hackler, boards at T. Mashbank’s.


Ferrill Mrs., Lindsey’s Row.
Ferrin ___, blacksmith, boards at C. Waggoner’s.
Ford Joseph, river trader, Front b Yorke and  Columbia.
Foster Col. W.S. n arsenal
Fowler Mrs. Jane, C Taylor and Cabot


Gault, Lemuel, carpenter, boards at C. Magee’s.
Goddard John F., boards at Johnson Mason’s.
Goldenburgh __________, butcher, boards at J.  Doxon’s.
Goodwin Julius, c Bellevue and Saratoga.
Gosling Jos., machinist , boards at R. McCullock’s.
Gosling Henry, Ditto, Ditto.
Gosling Alfred, shoe maker, bds at Newport hotel.
Griffen Lieut., boards at Geo. W. Doxon’s
Griffen Wm. S., saddler, c Monmouth and Jefferson.
Gundecker Abram, saddler, Columbia b Bellevue and  Madison.


Hall Abel, blacksmith, bds at W. S. Griffin’s.
Harnier(?) Thos., Factory Row.
Harris Thos., Madison b Yorke and Monmouth.
Harris Thos., W., grocer, Bellevue n Court house,  boards at L. Martins.
Harrison B., shoe maker, c Yorke and Bellevue.
Harrison ______, Carpenter, boards at J. Doxon’s.
Harrison Richard, Columbia b Bellevue & Madison.
Harrison John, flax hackler, boards at Jas. Barlow’s.
Hayman H., tallow chandler, Bellevue b York and  Monmouth.
Hayman Isaiah, bricklayer, Madison  b York and  Monmouth.
Hayman Robert, bricklayer, Bellevue b Monmouth  and Saratoga.
Hays Wm., Madison b Yorke and Monmouth.
Helm Francis T., clerk Campbell co. court, Yorke b  Taylor and Bellevue.
Hill Franklin, carpenter, lower end of Bellevue.
Hoops Jos., carpenter, boards at John White’s.
Hoover Geo. T., Factory Row.
Howe Robert, rope maker, Front bYorke and  Monmouth.
Howe Wm., rope maker, boards at R. Howe’s.
Huff _____, brick maker, n steam saw mill.


Johnson Henry, Front b Yorke and Monmouth


Keeler T. B., blacksmith, Lindsey’s Row.
Keene Jos., brick maker, n Licking.
Kelly James, Front b Columbia and Cabot.
Kenard Thos., painter, Lindsey’s Row.
Kennedy Wade, boards at Jos. Kenee’s
Kinsey Edward, silversmith, bds at Newport hotel.
Knight Mrs. Jane, n factory.
Knoblaugh F., tailor. Taylor b Yorke & Columbia.


Lacy Mrs. Elizabeth, c Taylor and Cabot.
Lacy Wm. H., sheriff Campbell co. h n Court h.
Lear Capt., boards at Mrs. A. Berry’s
Leonard Aaron, blacksmith, Short n Factory.
Lewis Josiah, tallow chandler, Monmouth b Taylor  and Bellevue.
Lewis Mrs. Martha, c Yorke and Taylor
Lindsey Thos. N., attorney, Lindsey’s Row, boards  at J. B. Lindsey’s.
Lindsey John B., saddler, Front b Yorke and  Columbia.
Losey Myers, wagon maker Jos. Dye’s.


Maddox Hiram, harness maker, Saratoga n Bellevue.
Magee Carter, rope maker, Short n Factory.
Martin Lewis, carpenter, Yorke n Courthouse.
Martin Reuben, carpenter, Jefferson b Yorke and  Columbia.
Mashbank Thos. hackler, Short n Factory.
Mason Johnson, Factory Row.
May Peter, carpenter, c Columbia and Taylor.
Mayo Daniel, Post Master, c Columbia and Front.
Mayo H. H., tanner and currier, Taylor, b Columbia & Cabot.
McArthur ____, boards at Thos. Winston’s.
McClure Mrs. Mary, Front b Yorke & Monmouth.
McClure Jas. H., c Monmouth and Front.
McCullough Robt., turner, n factory.
McConnell S., teacher, Taylor, b Columbia  &  Cabot.
McWilliams Edmund, blacksmith, Mabison (SIC) b  Yorke and Monmouth.
Mefford Henry T., grocer, c Monmouth & Jefferson.
Mefford Wm., carpenter, c Taylor and Saratoga.
Mefford Geo., carpenter, boards at W. Mefford’s.
Mefford Wm., c Yorke and Taylor.
Miller F. A., painter and glazier, c Yorke and  Bellevue.
Miller Hannan, blacksmith, bds. at C. Waggoner’s.
Mills Mrs. Ann, Factory Row.
Morgan C. M., saddler, Jefferson b Yorke and  Monmouth.
Morton Willis, grocer, c Madison and Yorke.
Mull Edward, carpenter, boards at L. Martin’s.
Mullier Daniel, Newport hotel, c Yorke and Front.


Newkirk Elias, laborer, Columbia b Jefferson and  Madison.
Nourse Geo., boards at Johnson Mason’s.


Olney Col., boards at G. W. Doxon’s.


Peedleton Wm., clerk, bds. at J. N. Taliaferro’s
Perine John, boards at A. Leonard’s
Perry Mrs. Nancy, Bellevue b Yorke & Monmouth.
Perry Samuel, river trader, Yorke b Bellevue and  Taylor.
Perry Hiram, blacksmith, boards at C. Magee’s.
Peters Joseph, at Johnson Mason jr.’s.
Petross Mrs. Elizabeth, school teacher, Yorke b  Bellevue and Taylor.
Phillips Rev. C. boards at J. H. M’Clure’s.
Pierce Henry, blue dyer, Factory Row.
Pierce James, boards at Henry Pierce’s.
Plimpton Captain, boards at G. W. Doxon’s.
Plummer John, carpenter, boards at Wm. Allen’s.
Polech David, machinist, boards at R.  M’Cullough’s.
Pritchard William, boards at Wm. Mefford’s.


Redman Joseph, blacksmith, boards at J. White’s.
Reed Mary Ann, Columbia b Madison & Bellevue.
Reevel Peter, boards at Mrs. Simmons’.
Rengold ____, machinist, boards at John Doxon’s.
Riddle Mrs. Rachel, Factory Row.
Richards Samuel, bricklayer. bds at W. Bessom’s.
Rickles William, Bellevue b Yorke and Monmouth.
Rickles Martin, shoemaker, Columbia n Court  House.
Ricketson Charles, carpenter, c Yorke & Madison.
Ricketson John, cabinet maker, Madison b Columbia  and Yorke.
Rogers James R., butcher, c Jefferson & Columbia.
Root Ira, attorney at law, Yorke n Court House, boards  at Newport hotel.
Rugg Lyman, Front b Yorke and Columbia.


Scott Solomon, Front b Yorke and Columbia.
Scruggs Thomas B., Yorke b Taylor and Bellevue.
Sellman Joseph, c Front and Cabot.
Shaler Nathaniel, M.D. c Yorke and Taylor, bds at  G. W. Doxon’s.
Sherman Sidney, sheet lead manufacturer, boards at G. W. Doxon’s.
Shepherd H., shoemaker, Bellevue b Yorke and  Monmouth.
Shepherd Ephraim E., silversmith, bds at L. Rugg’s.
Simmons William, n Licking ferry.
Simmons Nancy J., n Licking ferry.
Simmons Benjamin, boards at Wm Simmons’
Slocum William, boards at Johnson Mason’s.
Smith Daniel, manager of the cotton factory, h Factory  Row.
Snyder Thomas, Bellevue b Yorke and Monmouth
Southgate Richard, (R. S. & Co.) merchant, Taylor b Yorke and Monmouth.
Southgate R. H., (R. S. & Co.) bds. at R. Southgate’s
Southgate H. H., merchant, bd. at R. Southgate’s
Speer, David, Taylor b Yorke and Columbia
Sprague Samuel, finisher, boards at Jos. Sellman’s
Stagg Richard, carpenter, boards at W. Allen’s
Staples Stephen, hackler, c Taylor and Saratoga
Stephens Jeremiah, Columbia b Taylor & Bellevue
Stickler Charles, glue manufacturer, c Bellevue and Monmouth.
Strickler Isaac, boards at C. Strickler’s


Taliaferro J. N., clerk of Campbell county court, Front b Yorke and Columbia
Tanner P. L., clerk, Front b Yorke and Columbia
Tart John, boards at G. W. Doxon’s
Tarvin George, bricklayer, Cabot b Taylor and Bellevue
Taylor Janis C., shoemaker, Front b. Yorke and Monmouth
Taylor James, attorney at law, Taylor b Saratoga and E. Row
Thompson William, cotton spinner, Factory Row
Tibbatts John, attorney at law, c Taylor & E. Row
Todd Robert, Front b Columbia and Cabot
Todd Joseph, Madison b Yorke and Columbia
Tothill John, cotton spinner, bds. at A. Leonard’s
Turner George, boards at Mrs. Berry’s
Turner George H., carpenter, Madison n Yorke


Ubank Turner, clerk, R. Southgate & Co.


Waggoner Conrad, tailor, Jefferson b Yorke and Columbia
Wagstaff James, dresser in factory, boards at T. Mashbank’s
Wait Lyman, carpenter, Cabot b Taylor & Bellevue
Weaver, Levi, carpenter, boards at Lewis Martin’s
White John, machinist, Front n Factory
Whitney William, cooper, Cabot b Taylor and Bellevue
Williams Mrs. Mary, Monmouth b Front & Taylor
Wilson Nicholas, carpenter, Bellevue b Yorke and Monmouth
Wilson George, teamster, Columbia b Bellevue and Madison
Wilson Isaac, carpenter, c Columbia and Madison
Winton Robert, plasterer, Jefferson b Monmouth and Yorke
Winton Thomas, plasterer, Taylor b Monmouth and Saratoga
Winston Samuel, justice of the peace, Taylor b Monmouth and Saratoga
Wolf Jacob, tailor, at J. Waggoner’s
Wolf ____, carpenter, Boards at John Addleson’s
Wood John, boards at Franklin Hill’s
Wyman Andrew, boards at Wm. Simmond’s
Wyman William, boards at Wm. Simmond’s
Wyman John, boards at Wm. Simmond’s


Zembro John, carpenter, boards at John Whites

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