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(Transcribed Over Several Issues during 2000 in Campbell County History News)

Readers will remember that we published the 1834 Newport directory over several issues of the newsletter in 1999.  The 1840 Directory is another frequently overlooked and unique source.  The information below was originally included in The Cincinnati, Covington, Newport, and Fulton Directory for 1840 which was printed in 1839 by David Henry Shaffer.

The directory describes itself as “comprising: The Name of Householders, Heads of Families, those engaged in Business, together with the State or Country of their birth.”  Please note that the Federal Census records did not begin reporting the place of birth until 1850 and that this directory may be the only record for the birth place of residents who died prior to 1850.

Streets running from the river (1839)Streets running parallel with the river (1839)
East RowFront



Air, Robt (Scot) Coal Dealer, res, on Monmouth St.
Alexander, Thos (Ire) Turner, res, on Jefferson St.
Anderson, James D. (Pa) Labr, res, on Taylor St.
Arnold, Thos (NY) Cordage Manufactory, res Front St
Arrison, Thos (Pa) Shoe-maker, res. Madison St.
Arrison, Philip (Pa) Butcher, res, Madison St.
Arrison, Thos S. (Pa) Chair-maker, res, Madison St.
Atkinson, Mrs Mary (Pa) Seamstress, res, Taylor St.
Auchey, Mrs Bethia (—) res, Saratoga St.
Austin, Russell (NY) Musician at the Barracks


Barber, Hiram (Eng) Engineer on N-Port Ferry-B,  res, Monmouth St.
Barber James (Eng) Engineer, res, Front St.
Barlow, John H. (Pa) Propr of Barlow’s Hotel. cor Yorke& Front.
Bates, James L. (Ky) Laborer, res, Madison St.
Baxter, Wyatt (—-) bds at Barlow’s Hotel
Bloomer Stephen (NY) Carpenter, res, York St.
Bloomer, Abraham (NY) bds at S. Bloomer’s
Bowers, J.W. (NJ) Depy Clk and jailer, res, Public-Square
Bowers, Edward E. (Ky) Clerk at the Barracks.
Boyd, Augustus (Ky) Lawyer, res, Columbia St.
Boyd, John F. (Va) Teamster, res, Madison St.
Boyd, James M. (Va) Brick-layer, res, Monmouth St
Brown, James (Ky) Brick-layer, bds at Barlow’s.
Brown, Wm W. (Ky) Laborer, res, near the Methodist Ch.
Bruner, Geo (Ger) Laborer, res, Factory-Row
Burcaw, Geo W. (Pa) Newport Exchange cor Front & Yorke.
Bush, Antoine (Bav) Tailor, res, Factory-Row.
Bus, Mrs Mary (Eng) Seamstress, res, Factory-Row.


Calahan, Mrs Amanda (Md) Tailoress, res, Madison
Caldwell, John J. (Ky) Drayman, res, Jefferson St.
Carr, Thos M. (Pa) Carpenter, bds at Barlow’s
Carter, Samuel (VA) Farmer, res, Monmouth St.
Cayton, Mrs Rachel (Me) Washer-w, res, Factory-Row
Chipman, Stephen (Va) Farmer, res, Factory-Row.
Clark, John J. (Ire) Laborer, res, Columbia St.
Clark, Robt P. (Pa) Boat-store, Cin, res, Front St.
Cline, Mrs Martha (NJ) residence Front St.
Cooper, Thos (Eng) Machinist, res, Factory-Row.
Couch, Mrs Eleanor (Pa) Washer-w, res, Factory-Row.
Craven, Henry (NJ) Brick-layer, res, Madison St.
Crawford, Brooks (Md) Laborer, res, Factory Row.
Crouch, Mrs Polly (Ky) Tailoress, res, Monmouth St.


Daniel, Charles (Ky) Marshall of Newport,  res, Taylor St.
Davidson, Jacob (Va) Tinner, res, Yorke St.
Dawson, Peter (Md) Farmer, res, Madison St.
Dawson Garrett (Ky) Clerk of Gen Taylor’s.
Dawson, James M. (Ky) Farmer, bds at P. Dawson’s
Dennicker, Jacob (Bav) Rope-maker, res, Factory-Row.
Deutsch, Anthony (Bav) Laborer, res, Factory-Row.
Dommeier, David (Ger) Laborer, Res, Columbia St.
Donaldson, Andrew (Scot) Wool-spinner, res, Columbia St.
Donaldson, Wm (Scot) Engineer, bds cor Monmouth and Bellvue.
Doring, Danl (Eng) Cotton Manufacturer, res, Columbia St.
Doughty, John (Pa) Folls River, res, b Taylor and Front.
Doughty, Linton C. (Pa) Folls River, bds at Taylor and Front.
Downard, Thomas (Pa) res, cor Moss and Bellevue.
Downard, John (Ky) Fisherman, bds at cor Moss and Bellvue.
Doxon, Geo. W. (Ky) Newport Ferry-man, res, cor Front and Columbia.
Doxon, John (O) Ferry-man and Grocer, res, cor Saratoga and Mkt.
Dye, James (Ky) Wagon-maker, res, cor Bellevue & Monmouth.


Eckert, Leonard (Ky) Plasterer, res, Madison Street.
Ellison, Wm (Pa) Laborer, res, Factory-Row.
Eubank, Edmund T. (Ky) (Southgate & Co) bds at  Talieferro’s


Farmer, Samuel (Pa) Black-smith, res, Bellevue St.
Farrer, Joseph (Eng) Farmer, res, Cabot Street.
Fearons, Geo (Ire) Tailor, res, Yorke Street.
Fleming, Andrew (Va) River Pilot, res, Front n  Monmouth.
Ford, Joseph (Pa) River Trader, res, F b Columbia & Yorke.
Ford Alex (Md) res, at Joseph Ford’s.
Ford, Bennett (Pa) River Pilot, bds at A Ford’s.
Fowler, John (Ky) Ferry-Boat Pilot, res, Columbia  Street.
Fowler, Mrs. (Va) Tailoress, res, near the  Barracks.
Fowler, Thos (Ky) Brick-layer, bds at Mrs  Fowler’s.
Freiier, Faltin (Bav) Laborer, res, in Factory-Row.
Fritze, Peter H. (Ger) boards at Platzer’s.
Fuller, Geo (Mass) Tanner, bds at Mrs McClain’s.


Gibson, Mark (Conn) Carpenter, res, Taylor St.
Goddard, John F. (D C) House and Sign Painter,  res, Front.
Goodin, Patsey (Ky) residence, Madison Street.
Gosley, Mrs. Nancy P. (Ky) Bdg-house, cor  Taylor& Yorke.
Greenleaf, Chas T. (Me) Grocer & Baker, F near  Monmouth.
Greenleaf, Wm T. (Me) Hat-Store, No 105 M,  Cin, res, Front.
Gundacker, Abraham (Pa) Saddler on Columbia  street.


Hadsall, Geo A. (Pa) Engineer, res, cor Taylor and  Cabot.
Hamlen, Joash (Mass)  Farmer, res S of the  Barracks.
Hammer, Francis (Bav) Laborer, res Factory-Row.
Harris, Thos W. (Ky) Grocer, res, Bellevue.
Harris, Thos (Md) residence, Madison Street.
Harris, Gabriel D. (Ky) Carpenter, bds at Thos.  Harris’.
Harrison, Richard (Md) Farmer, res, Bellvue.
Hastings, Mrs Margaret (Pa) Tailoress, res, cor  Mon & Front.
Hayman, Isaiah (Md) Brick-layer, res, Madison  Street.
Hayman, Robt (Md) Brick-layer, res, Madison St.
Hays, Thomas (Ire) Shoe-maker, res, cor Saratoga & Taylor.
Hays, Wm (Ire) Laborer, res, cor Saratoga &  Taylor.
Helm, Francis T. (Va) Post Master, res, F b Sar &  East Row.
Helm, Chas J. (Ky) Student at Law, bds at F T  Helm’s.
Henthorn, Wm (O) Follows the River.
Hesson, Mrs Jane (Pa) Seamstress, res, Jefferson  Street.
Hoffman, Chas (Ger) Carpenter, res, Factory-Row.
Howard, John (N Y) Rope-maker, res, Factory-Row.
Howell, Wm (Md) Soldier at the Barracks.
Hudelson, John (Pa) Carpenter, res, Front near  Cabot Street.
Huffmaster, James (Tenn) Carpenter, res,  Jefferson Street.
Hunter, Noble (Pa) Stone-mason, res, Jefferson  Street.
Hurst, James (Eng) Carpenter, res, Bellevue Street.
Huston, Isyphena (Pa) Seamstress, res, Factory-Row.


Jackson, John (Mass) Bugler at the Barracks.
James, Wm (Ky) Engineer, res, Factory-Row.
Jibb, Wm (Eng) Black-smith, res, Madison Street.
Johnson, Mrs. Julia A. (Ky) Tailoress, res, Front n  Monmouth.
Johnson, Henry (Ire) Weaver, res, Front Street.
Jones, Alex (Tenn) Fisherman, res, cor Saratoga & Taylor.


Keen, Joseph (N J) Brick-layer, res, near Licking.
Kees, Taylor (Ky) Farmer, res, 1 mile S-E of  Newport.
Kees, Isaac (Ky) Farmer, res, 1 mile S-E of  Newport.
Kelley, John (Ire) residence, Taylor Street.
Kenmuir, Robt (Scot) Carpet-weaver, res, Bellevue  Street.
Kennard, Thos (Md) Sign-Painter, res, Factory-Row.
Keyes, John (Mass) Teacher at the Academy, res,  Front St.
Kirkham, John (Eng) Cotton-carder, res, Factory-Row.
Knight, John (Mass) Silk-Grower, bds at Goddard’s.


Layman, Henry (Ger) Laborer, res, Factory-Row.
Lee, James (N J) Brick-layer, res, Jefferson Street.
Lee, John (N Y) Grocer, Yorke near the Court-House.
Leslie, John (N Y) Scene-Painter, at Nat Theatre,  res, Mon.
Lewis, Josiah, (S. Wales) Chandler, res, Monmouth  Street.
Lindsey, John B. (Ire) Mayor of Newport, res, cor F & Col.
Lippincott, Mrs Mary B. (N J) Tailoress, res, Factory-Row.
Lippincott, Geo. B. (O) Folls River, bds at Mrs  Lippincott’s.
Lockwood, Wm (Conn) Hatter, res, Factory-Row.


Maddox, Hiram (Ky) Laborer, res, Saratoga Street.
Massey, Mrs Martha (Conn) res, Front near Yorke.
Massey, Charles (Ky) res, at Mrs M. Massey’s.
Marsh, Jeremiah (O) Tobacconist, bds at  Chipman’s.
Martin, John (Ky) Carpenter, bds at J Winston’s.
Mayo, Danl D. (Ky) Farmer, res, Front near Cabot.
Mayo, Henry H. (Ky) Dry-goods Mer, Yorke, res,  Taylor St.
May, Peter (Pa) Carpenter, res, Market Street.
Mc - in next section
Mefford, Thompson (Ky) Carpenter, res,  Factory-Row..

Mefford, Wm G. (Ky) Tailor, res, Front near  Yorke.
Mefford, David (Ky) bds at Wm G Mefford’s.
Mefford, Elliot (Ky) Trader, bds at W G Meffords.
Metherington, Edward (Eng) Black-smith, bds,  at Jibb’s.
Miles, Peter (Ky) Plasterer, bds at Eckart’s.
Miller, Joseph (Va) Carpenter, res, Columbia b Front& Tay.
Miller, Fredk S. (Pa) Confectioner & H-Painter,  res, Yorke St.
Miller, Mrs Mary (Pa) res, near the Methodist  Church.
Miller, Mrs Elizabeth (Ky) Seamstress, res,  Factory-Row.
Milligan, Samuel (O) Engineer, res, at Mrs  Crouch’s.
Montgomery, Rev W.C. (—) Sta Meth Min,  bds J Walls’.
Morien, Edward (Pa) Farmer, res, Front St.
Morris, John (Ky) Engineer, res, Front Street.
Morse, Mrs Sarah (N H) Tailoress, res,  Columbia Street.
Morton, Willis (Ky) Grocer, cor Madison and  Yorke.
Muckelhancy, Mrs. Honour (Ky) res, Front St.
Muckelhaney, John (O) Farmer, bds Front St.


McArthur, James M. (Ky) res, cor Monmouth  and Madison.
McCain, Mrs Nancy (Md) Tailoress, res, Yorke St.
McClanahan, Mrs Nancy (Va) Seamstress, res,  near Barlow’s.
McClure, James H. (Pa) residence, Front Street.
McClure, Mrs Hester (Pa) res, Front b  Monmouth & Yorke.
McCune, Aaron (O) Carpenter, res, Bellevue St.


Nicholson, John (Mass) Cotton Manufacturer,  res, Taylor St.
Nicholson, Saml (Mass) Cotton Manufacturer,  res, Taylor St.


O’Neel, Wm H. (Del) Clerk at Coffin’s, res, Front  Street.
Oliver, Mrs Celia (Pa) Seamstress, res, Factory-Row.
Osborn, Mary (Ire) res, Columbia Street.
Osborn, James (N Y) Folls River, bds at Mrs  Osborn’s.
Oyston, John (Pa) Rope-maker, res, Front street.


Peak, Isaiah (——) Gardener, res, Madison St.
Peatross, Miss Eliza (Va) res, corner Cabot and  Front.
Peirce, John (Ky) River Trader, res, Madison St.
Perry, Saml (Ky) River Trader, res, Yorke b Tay &  Bellvue.
Perry, Mrs Susan (Ky) bds at Barlow’s
Pines, Larkin (Va) Carpenter, res, Bellevue.
Pines, Dosier (Ky) Plasterer, bds at Winton’s.


Ranslay, James (Pa) Rope-maker, res, Madison  Street.
Read, Robt (Eng) Soldier at the Barracks.
Reed, Mrs Mary (Ky) Tailoress, res, Factory-Row.
Reeves, Saml (Ky) Farmer, res, Monmouth St.
Rickels, Wm (Va) residence, at John J. Clark’s.
Rickels, Reuben (Ky) Laborer, res, Columbia St.
Ross, Rev Wm B. (O) res, cor Yorke and Taylor  Street.
Ross, Joseph R. (O) bds at Wm B. Ross’.
Ross, Philander (O) Tailor at Fearon’s.
Root, Ira (Mass) Lawyer, bds at Barlow’s.
Rugg, Leyman (Ver) res, Yorke near the Mansion  House.


Scott, Wm (Pa) Carpenter, res, Taylor Street.
Seddens, Wm (N J) Pump and Block-maker,  res, Columbia.
Sedisen, John (Ger) Rope-maker, res, Factory-Row.
Selman, Joseph (Va) residence, Taylor Street.
Shaler, Nath B. (N Y) Physician, res, cor  Monmouth& Front.
Sheppard, Hezekiah (N J) Shoe-maker, res,  Monmouth Street.
Shrom, Frederick (Pa) res, F b Monmouth &  Yorke.
Smith, Harrison W. (Pa) Drummer at the  Barracks.
Smith, Ward (O) res, Front b Monmouth and  Yorke.
Snyder, Thos (O) Wagoner, res, cor Monmouth  and Market.
Southgate, & Eubank, Dry-goods Mer, Tay b  Mon and Yorke.
Southgate, Edward L. (Ky) (S & Eubank) res,  cor, F & Mon.
Southgate, Richard (N Y) bds at Taliaferro's.
Southgate, James (Va) Lawyer, res, cor Bellevue & Yorke.
Spear, David (Pa) Shoe-maker, res, Columbia  Street.
Starkey, Mrs Elizabeth (O) Seamstress, res,  Factory-row.
Steel, Mrs Rebecca (Md) Seamstress, res,  Factory-row.
Stein, Michael (Bav) Mansion-House, cor  Bellevue & Yorke.
Stevons, Mrs Nancy (Va) Seamstress, res,  Front  Street.
Stowder, Mrs Elizabeth (Md) Tailoress, res,  cor Sar & Taylor.
Striker, Charles (Pa) Constable, res, Madison  Street.
Striker, Isaac (Pa) Glue-Manufacturer, res,  Madison Street.


Talieferro, John N. (Va) Clerk of the Court,  res, Taylor St.
Tanner, Charles (Md) Clerk and School-teacher, res, Yorke.
Tarvin, Geo C. (Ky) Brick-layer, res, Cabot St.
Taylor, Gen James Sr (VA) res, head of  Bellevue Street.
Taylor, James Jr (Ky) Lawyer, res, head of  Bellevue Street.
Taylor, Geo (N Y) Carpenter, res, Factory-Row.
Thomas, Osborn (Va) Tinner, res, Yorke St.
Tibbatts, John W. (Ky) Lawyer, res,  Monmouth Street.
Tibbatts, Leo (Ky) Student at Law, bds  Monmouth Street.
Tindall, Alexander (Ire) Black-smith, res,  Madison Street.
Todd, Joseph (Va) Farmer, res, Madison St.
Turner, Geo H. (Md) Carpenter, res, Madison Street.


Underiner, Paul (Ger) Hemp-heckler, res, Factory-Row.


Vance, A. (O) Clk at Surv Genl’s Off, res, F b Mon & Yk.
Vandusen, John (——) Ship-carpenter, res, n Newport-Exch.
Vetile, John (Fr) Carpenter, res, Bellevue Street.
Vickerman, Mr (Ger) residence, Factory-Row.


Wait, Mrs Jane (Md) Tailoress, res, Madison St.
Walls, James Jr (N J) residence, Front Street.
Warren, John N. (Ver) (R P Clark & Co) res, F b Yk& Col.
Washington, Samuel (Va) residence, Madison St.
Washington, Thornton (Va) Steam-Boat Clerk, res, Madison Street.
Waxstaff, Mrs Jane (Pa) bds at Gundacker’s.
Wells, Joel (Ky) Laborer, res, Columbia Street.
Whitton, Wm (Va) Carpenter, bds at Mrs Fowler’s.
Wilson, Isaac (Md) Carpenter, res, Columbia Street.
Wilson, George (Md) Wagoner, res, Columbia St.
Williamson, Mrs Mary (Pa) Seamstress, res, Monmouth Street.
Winer, Adam (Bav) Black-smith, res, Factory-Row.
Winston, James H. (Ky) residence, Yorke Street.
Winston, Samuel (Ky) Magistrate, res, Taylor St.
Winton, Thomas (Ire) Plasterer, res, Taylor Street.
Winton, Robt Sr (Ire) boards at Thomas Winton’s
Winton, Robt Jr. (Ire) Plasterer, at Thomas Winton’s
Woodward, Francis H. (N Y) Engineer, res, Front n Mon.


Young, Wm (Ky) Clerk at Southgate & Eubank’s.

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