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From Campbell County History News - April 1997

This is a sample of the Newport Death Records found on microfilm in the Kenton County Public Library. These records begin in 1884 and run until 1928. Many of the pages are faded and the handwriting is difficult to read. Individuals listed often are from outside the city of Newport and sometimes from outside Kentucky. This was more common in later years. (An interesting note is the cause of death "Phthises", which is a Greek word meaning "a dwindling or wasting away". Pronounced TIE-sis, it is an archaic term for tuberculosis. Another common term for tuberculosis was consumption.) 

The columns numbers represent the following information:
1. Earlier of “record date” or “death date” shown
2. Name of deceased
3. Reported age at death
4. Social Relation (Married, Single or Widowed)
5. Cause of death
6. Combination of information reporting nativity of decedent or parents
7. Residence of decedent. (The microfilm record shows the street address)
8. Length of time the decedent lived in this area
9. Prior area the person lived at
10. Place of burial
The original record has additional information not copied into this transcription.

DateNameAgeCauseNativResidesPrior areaBuried
3-Apr Margaret Stevens  19Y W Paralysis/?Artories Ire Newport 3W? Alexandria Evergreen
3-Apr Bridget Hay  24Y ? Phshism Ire Newport 14Y Cincinnati St Stephens
3-Apr Maria Knight 65y M Gastric Ulcer/? Ire Newport 30? Ireland St Stephens
23-Apr Maria Anstead 27Y S Chr. Nephritis Eng Newport 27Y Newport Evergreen
3-Apr Phinias B Bayliff  84Y M Senile Decay USA Newport 18Y Cincinnati Evergreen
5-Apr Caroline J Miller 73Y W Old Age USA Newport 32Y Louisville Evergreen
7-Apr A F Johnson 22Y S Consumption 2Y Virginia Evergreen
10-Apr Elizabeth Quinn 1W S Spasms 1W St Marys
12-Apr Phillija Louderman 37Y S Consumption Newport 20Y Germany Evergreen
14-Apr Margaret Flynn 20Y  S Consumption 20Y Newport St Stephens
14-Apr ??gintar Schall 35Y M ??? Hemorrage 3M Covington Evergreen
21-Apr Eliza S Payne 80Y W Capillary Bronchitis USA Newport 30Y Carlisle KY Evergreen
23-Apr Angeline Worthington 29Y M Ohthisis(?) 1Y Cincinnati Milford OH
22-Apr Caroline B Lysle 78Y W Fatty Degen of Heart USA Newport 19Y Pennsylvania Evergreen
24-Apr Maria Quaddy 30Y W Pluirisy Evergreen
24-Apr Clara Mussinbrumer(?) 54Y M Asthma/Bronch/Pneu Ger Newport 30Y Maysville KY St Stephens
25-Apr Katherine Peters 52Y M Hernia Entiretis Ger Newport 11Y Cincinnati St Stephens
27-Apr Martha Ewan 74Y W Typhoid Fever USA Newport 5Y Covington Wesleyan Cem
28-Apr Rebecca Wientz 16Y W Inflammation Bowels Ger Newport 16Y Newport Walnut Hills
30-Apr Mary Sneath 60Y M Consumption Eng Newport 3M Cincinnati Evergreen
30-Apr Marian Hill 23Y M Child Birth Ire Bellevue 6M Cincinnati Wesleyan Cem
3-May Evilina Cole 11H S Premature Birth Bellevue 11M Spring Grove
5-May Micheal Bauer 35Y S Hemmerage of Lungs Ger Newport Evergreen
6-May Louisa Ruisch 65Y W Consumption Ger Newport 37Y Germany Evergreen
9-May Emily Kelley 47Y W Heart disease/more USA Newport 12Y Cincinnati Spring Grove
7-May Henry Westerhouse 51Y M Abcess of Liver Ger East Npt 27Y Germany St Stephens
8-May Wm Jordan 40Y M Consumption Ger Newport Germany Evergreen
12-May Maria Shindorf 62Y W Cirrhosis of Liver Ger Newport 14Y Germany Johns Hill
14-May Ellen Tibbitts 59Y M Hepatitis USA Calif. OH Ohio Asbury Chapl
14-May Evelina Munster(?) 3Y S Scarlatina USA Bellevue 3Y Kentucky Evergreen
18-May Mary Maddox 92Y W Old Age USA Bellevue 9Y Fulton Ohio Fulton Cem
18-May Bessie Worcester 1Y S Pneumonia Evergreen
20-May Maria Hassilbrook 19Y S Hydrothorax Ger Newport 15Y Cincinnati St Stephens
21-May Margaret Fatherschill 11W S Convulsions USA Evergreen
22-May Mary Morrisey ??Y W Cancer of Utirus 6Y Cincinnati St Jos Old
24-May Walter Chadwich 9Y S Croup USA Bellevue 9Y Mt Washington
24-May Clarence David White 17Y S Hemmerage of Lungs Newport 17Y Newport Evergreen
25-May Joseph McLauer 6W S Indigestion Evergreen
28-May Henry Louis Schneider 2Y S Membranous Croup Evergreen
16-May Annie Loudan(?) 27Y M Typhoid Pneumonia Ire Newport 27Y Newport St Stephens
29-May Mary Kelley 88Y W General Debility Ire St Stephens
3-Mar? Mrs Kuglan 80Y W General Debility Ger St Stephens
25-May James Locher(?) 60Y M Cerebritis? Ire Newport 30Y Ireland St Stephens
27-May Kate Garvey S Phthisis Flori?? Ire St Stephens
Jack Theis M Phthisis Pulmonalis 30Y Evergreen
1-Jun Elizabeth Hunter 45Y W Chronic Ulcer Bowel Sct Newport 4W Chicago Evergreen
1-Jun Patrick Ryan 75Y W Asphyxias asthma Ire Newport 40Y Ireland St Jos New
3-Jun Mollie Parsons 14Y S Gastro Enteritis KY Newport 1Y Kentucky Evergreen
3-Jun Ella Gra??y 17Y S Phthisis Pulmonalis Ire 17Y Kentucky St Jos Old
5-Jun Bernard Gubsor 43Y M Pneumonia Ger Newport 20Y Germany St Stephens
10-Jun Albert Milligan 12H S Congestion Brain Johns Hill

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