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We now have DVDs of some of our past meetings, as well as oral history interviews with veterans and long-time Campbell County residents available for purchase. The cost is $5.00 per DVD. Contact us if interested in obtaining any of these DVDs.

Beverly Hills Supper Club by Fire Chief Dick Reisenberg

History of Newport Barracks by Pamela Ciafardini Casebolt

History of Wiedemann Brewery by Dr. Don Heinrich Tolzmann

Martz Playground by Steve Battistone

The Murder of Pearl Bryan with Jim and Ken Reis

St Joseph Orphanage by Dave Schroeder


Our Next Door Neighbor DVDs

Andrea, Marjorie-2016
Bezold, Arnold-2009
Cox, Kathleen
Dunn, Orvita-2017
Lester, Jan-2009
Nellis, Walter "Jerry" 2009
Nienaber, Charmaine-2009
Reis, Kenneth-2009
Reis, Ruth-2016
Schroeder, Delores-2016
Tharp, Charles-2009
Wanner, Lester-2013


Veterans of Valor DVDs

Bauer, Leonard E-2014
Christen, Leo
Christen, Marie
Cleves, Edgar "Nic"
Collins, Christopher-2013
Crail, John William
Frakes, Lee (a WWII gunner shot down) 2013
Hanneken, Larry-2015
Meier, Allen-2017
Meyer, Dr. Dexter-2015
Nelson, Chester-2015
Schadler, Ed C-2016
Seibert, Herman "Buck" 2014
Seifert, John-2014
Seiter, Raymond W-2017
Spalding, Melvin-2016
Switzer, Noah Robert-2014
Tipton, William-2014




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