Campbell County Historical & Genealogical Society


This is a listing of the cemeteries in Campbell County that we have information on. The smaller ones have pictures on file and are associated with the names in the family files.



Asbury Methodist Church Cemetery in Highland Heights

Aulick Family Cemetery on the Campbell Pendleton County Lines

Ball Family Cemetery in California

Beall Family in Flagg Spring

Bowling Family in Morning View

Benjamin Gosney Cemetery in Grants Lick

Boyles-Maxwell Cemetery in Persimmon Grove

Carmack Family Cemetery in Carthage

Cherry Family Graveyard in Persimmon Grove

Clary Grave Site in Claryville

Corpus Christi Cemetery in Wilder

Corbin Family Graveyard in California

Daniel Family Cemetery in Grants Lick

Demoss Cemetery in Mentor

Evergreen Cemetery in Southgate

First Baptist Church Cemetery in Cold Spring

First 12 Mile Baptist Church Island Creek Cemetery in Carthage

Fisher Cemetery in Peach Grove

Flagg Spring Baptist Church Cemetery in Flagg Spring

Foster Byrd Graves in Aspen Grove

Grandview Cemetery in Mentor

Green Cemetery in Melbourne

Harrisburg Hill Cemetery in Grants Lick

Herndon & Bartlow Family Cemetery in Carthage

Hornbeck Family Graveyard in Grants Lick

Hoyt Baker Farm Graveyard in Grants Lick

James G Lindsey Graveyard in California

Jamestown Cemetery in Jamestown (now Dayton)

John Armstrong Tarvin Cemetery in Grants Lick

John Bakery Graveyard in Claryville

John Byrd Grave Site in Aspen Grove

John Gosney Family Cemetery in Grants Lick

Johns Hill Protestant Cemetery in Wilder

Kuhl Farm Graves in Claryville

Loomis-Casson-Pearson Cemetery in Grants Lick

Madison Street Burying Ground in Newport

Miller Cemetery in Oneonta

Mt Gilead Cemetery in Carthage

Mt Gilead Old Cemetery in Carthage

Mt Saint Martins Cemetery in Newport

Murnan Cemetery in Cold Spring

Nagel Road Cemetery in Grants Lick

Newport Cemetery

Notley Maddox Cemetery n Pond Creek

Oakland Cemetery in Grants Lick

Old Baptist Spilman Family Cemetery in Alexandria

Old Mouth of the Licking Valley Baptist Church Cemetery in Cold Spring

Old St Johns Catholic Cemetery in Wilder

Peach Grove Cemetery

Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church Cemetery in Grants Lick

Plum Creek Christian Church Cemetery in Plum Creek

Persimmon Grove Baptist Church Cemetery in Persimmon Grove

Potters Field in Cold Spring

Richard Tarvin Cemetery in Grants Lick

Robert Shaw Family Cemetery in Alexandria

Saddle Ridge Cemetery (renamed Dicken Cemetery) in Persimmon Grove

Schoolfield Cemetery in Grants Lick

Stamper Cemetery in Grants Lick

St Anne Convent Cemetery in Melbourne

St Francis Assisi Catholic Church Cemetery in Dayton

St Johns Lutheran Church Cemetery in Camp Springs

St Joseph Catholic Church Cemetery in Camp Springs

St Joseph Catholic Church Cemetery in Cold Spring

St Joseph Catholic Church Cemetery in Wilder

St Joseph Protestant Cemetery in Wilder

St Mary Cemetery in Alexandria

St Paul Church Evangelical German Reform Church Cemetery in Alexandria

St Peter and Paul Catholic Church Cemetery in Gubser Mill

St Stephen Catholic Church Cemetery in Ft Thomas

Schertz Family Cemetery in Camp Springs

Stephens Farm Cemetery in Alexandria

Stepstone Immaculate Cemetery in Peach Grove

Tarvin and Moore Family Cemetery in Carthage

Thatcher Cemetery in Alexandria

Vandiver Cemetery in Demossville

Weinel Family Graveyard in Claryville

Wesley Chapel Cemetery in Gubser Mill


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