7:00 pm, Thursday December 13, 2018





o   The December meeting was held at the Wilder City Building.

o   President Steve Battistone opened the meeting by thanking the city of Wilder for the use of their facility and welcoming members and guests.

o   The meeting featured a Power Point review of the societies events, activities and accomplishments during 2018 and was followed by the annual holiday social.


Treasurer’s Report

Glen Elsener reported that we have a balance on hand of $6832.69.             


Current Membership

 Jan Lester reported that paid membership currently stands at 273.



The January issue of the newsletter will be out at the end of December and will include the membership renewal form and a flier for the 2019 Essay Contest. Jan Lester requested help in assembling the new letters the week of December 17.


Veterans Report

Pam Casebolt reported that the society is in need of a display case to house the artifacts of Korean War veteran Harry Ledman.


Email and Correspondence

The Campbell County Library has some “Food for Thought” programs coming up including a presentation by Dr. Brian Hackett on Antique Furniture of Early American History.


History Day

Richard McCormick reported that History Day 2019 will be held on March 23 at the Erlanger branch of the Kenton County Library. All speakers for the event have been scheduled` and notices for the event will be mailed out to all prospective attendees this year.


Gifts and Donations  

Richard McCormick reported on gifts and donations received over the last month including a book on Samuel Woodfill donated by Jim Schroer, dolls donated by Mary Runion and the book “The Betrayal of Pearl Bryan” donated by author Larry Tippin.

 Society Publications

Glen Elsener reported that the Hayfield Precinct book is now at the printers with the proof copy expected to be delivered the week of 12/17. The book should be available for purchase shortly after the first of the year.



Hawthorne Crossing Cabin

Steve reported that Rich Boehne has taken possession of the cabin from the Campbell County Conservancy and will be moving it to Morning View Kentucky. Disassembly of the cabin is underway.

Society Facebook Page

Steve Battistone thanked Kevin Neltner, who was in attendance, for his work on the CCHG&S Facebook page. Views of the page were up considerably due to the interest in the topics that he researched and published.


Speaking Engagements

Ken Reis gave a presentation to Northern Kentucky Public Retirees on Evergreen Cemetery, he noted that there are 63 thousand residents living in Campbell County today compared to 90 thousand graves in Evergreen Cemetery.


Community Survey

Steve Battistone discussed a community survey that is being undertaken by the society and passed out cards to all present asking them to share the information with friends, family and contacts. Information on the card was as follows;


The Campbell County Historical and Genealogical Society want your input. Please take a short survey to let us know about your interest in a Campbell County History Museum.


Survey can be found on our website or on our Facebook page The Campbell County (Kentucky) Historical and Genealogical Society



John Boh, who is secretary of the Kenton County Historical Society, reported that the Kentucky Historical Society presented Karl Litzenmayer with its Lifetime Dedication to Kentucky History Award, and the Behringer-Crawford Museum with an award for educational programming.



January 10

Wilder – Jim Vice - St. Francis (Dayton) Cemetery Renovation.

February 14

Wilder – Members Show & Tell

March 14

Highland Country Club – Dan Schlarmer, History of Highland Country Club

April 11

Glenn Schmidt – Biography of Pete Schmidt

May 9

Larry Tippin – New Book – “The Betrayal of Pearl Bryan”

June 13

Annual Picnic

July 11


August 8


September 12


October 10

Pam Casebolt & Glen Elsener – Wadsworth Watch Case Company

November 14


December 12



Member News – Nothing new to report

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Dan Christen


Dan Christen (Secretary)


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