Free Field Trips Located in Campbell County


Submitted by Ken Reis

Churches, youth, school, senior or scout groups can visit the Campbell County Historical & Genealogical Society in Alexandria, and the Campbell County Log Cabin History and Farm Heritage Museum in Grants Lick. Both locations are unique to our county and represent local history and culture.

The society's museum, library and office are located in the 1840s Court House at 8352 Main Street in Alexandria. In this building we have collected a large amount of artifacts, historic papers, book and pictures of all aspects of our county's history. We have a large camera collection, military room, Speers Hospital medical collection and a museum full of our past. We do not have an elevator to the second floor where we are located.

The log cabin and farm heritage museum is located at 890 Clay Ridge Road in Grants Lick, next to the Oakland Cemetery, where Daniel Boone's sister, Mary Boone Bryant, is buried. At this site some of the things you can see are a working 1920s hay press, tractors, windmill, a 7 ton steam engine, broom makers shop, blacksmith shop, antique tools, a covered bridge with a 1/2 mile nature trail, and many other items of historical interest.

Both of these tours are free but you need to contact me for the dates. Besides the above email I can be reached at 859-466-0638.


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