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From the Campbell County History News - April 1999

The Covington and Newport Pioneer Clubs were formed in the summer of 1877 and appear to have spun off an existing club in Cincinnati.  Readers may be interested in knowing that the Campbell County Historical Society has an old poster showing members of the Cincinnati German Pioneer club with copies available for sale.  The list below comes from a June 6, 1877 Newport Club organizational meeting and shows the charter members.  The German Pioneer Club remained in the news until about 1917 when the United States entered World War One against Germany at which time the clubs disappear. 

The information was from a photocopy of a previously typed list.  Efforts were made to copy all names exactly as shown on the original typewritten list even if the name appears misspelled.  The reader should be aware that the original record was not available and transcription errors are possible.  Special thanks to Martha Pelfrey for providing the photocopy of the typed list.

On June 13, 1877 Mr. Daniel Wolf presided at the meeting and John Michael Dietz acted as Secretary.

An election of officers took place with the following elected:

John M. Diets, President
Dr. H. E. Gunkle, Vice President
Jacob Kreutz, Secretary
Jacob Goessler, Treasurer

Members appointed to the Executive Committee:
Frederich Weber
W. H. Wiebe
Julius Wenderoth
Henry Ritter
Herman Droste    

- A-

Wilhelm Ambach, born July 11, 1830 in Rothenfels, Bavaria, Immigrated 1840

Joseph Barlage, born August 21, 1833 in Kirchspiel, Lohne, Oldenburg, immigrated 1849
George Baker, born November 1, 1831 in the city of Hannover, immigrated 1851
Conrad Beth, born November 7, 1828 in Grosssteinheim , Hessen-Darmstadt, immigrated 1853
Franz Betz, born January 3, 1828 in Werth/Rhein, Bataria, immigrated 1838
Mathias Betz, born August 18, 1829 in Werth/Rhein, Bataria, immigrated 1838, Was a member of the  Cincinnati Club
Mathias Blau, born November 11, 1833 in Mid-Losheim, Trier, Prussia, immigrated 1843
Philipp Blesch, born April 3, 1824 in Schwabhausen, Baden, immigrated 1842
Ernst Boelzner, born September 5, 1830 in Koenigsbach, Durlach, Baden, immigrated 1854
Fredirich Braun, born June 30, 1821 in Biechelheim, Rheinfalz, Baden, immigrated 1843
Ernst Buecker, born August 3, 1819 in Tecklenburg, Westphalia, immigrated 1847
John Butscher, born December 24, 1823 in Falkershausen, Vachau, Saxony-Weimar, immigrated 1845


John Michael Dietz (Member of Cincinnati Club)
Andrew Dilling (Member of Cincinnati Club)
John Leonard Dilling, born July 3, 1833 in Harppurg, Bavaria, immigrated 1846
August Dinger, born August 28, 1817 in the Grand-Duchy of Baden, immigrated 1845
John Doering, born January 8, 1819 in Borken, Hamburg, Kurhessen, immigrated 1847
Herman Henry Droste, born November 23, 1810 in Voerden, Osnabrueck, Hannover, immigrated 1839


Adam Ebert, born August 13, 1828 in Klingenberg, Bavaria, immigrated 1849
Henry Ebert, born April 13, 1833 in Roehrenfurt, Melsungen, Prussia, immigrated 1853
Clemens Ellmann, born November 12, 1828 in Luebsche, Vechta, Oldenburg, immigrated 1851


Christopher Frederich Philemon Erschell, bn June 11 1830 in Rothenfelde, Igburg, Prussia, immigrated 1845
John Christopher Fincke, born January 16, 1833 in Kirschheim, Neckar, Wuertemberg, immigrated 1852
Henry Fromm, born December 24, 1827 in Heiden, Heiligenstadt, Prussia, immigrated 1855
Henry B. Fuchs, born September 8, 1835 in Hoffenheim, Baden, immigrated 1853
Jacob Fuchs, born November 27, 1836 in Hoffenheim, Baden, immigrated 1848


Peter Ganter, born August 15, 1818 in Beckeriede, Kanten, Swizerland, immigrated 1854
Henry Otting Gerhard, (listed as Gerhard, Henry Otting) born February 15, 1837 in Schleterhausen, Hannover, immigrated 1842
Jacob Glueck, born October 25, 1825 in Winschweiler, Bavaria, immigrated 1846
John Goessler, born March 29, 1829 in Ostelsheim, Calw, Wuertemberg, immigrated 1853
John Grammer, born November 23, 1829 in Ergentzingen, Black Forest, Wuertemberg, immigrated 1852,  resides in Dayton Kentucky
William Grapes, born February 21, 1828 in Berlin, Prussia, immigrated 1848
Gottlieb Graul, born February 2, 1835 in Klosterhausen, Kissingen, Bavaria, immigrated 1847
John Graul, born December 25, 1802 in Nordhausen, Prussia, immigrated 1837
Hermann Grewe, born December 7, 1826 in Seedenhorst, Muenster, Westphalia, immigrated 1854
Henry Christian Gunckel, M.D. bn Sept. 25, 1825 in Toba, Schwarzenburg, Sondershausen, Immig. 1850


Henry Habbel, born November 7, 1807 in Klingen, Meschede, Westphalia, immigrated 1836
Philipp Hammel, born June 2, 1833 in Oberhausen, Rheinpfalz, Bavaria, immigrated 1846
David Hengelbrock, born December 18, 1821 in Oesede, Igburg, Hannover, immigrated 1846
Philipp Hoemeister, born May 9, 1833 in Dens, Kerhessen, immigrated 1853
John Hundemer, born June 2, 1826 in St. Mardsgen/Landau, Bavaria, immigrated 1854


Blasius Klehammer, born February 16, 1833 in Rothenfels, Rastatt, Bavaria immigrated 1854
George Klein, born October 25, 1826 in Schilchheim, Barry, Elsac, immigrated 1847
John Kline, born October 25, 1821 in Glashhuetten, Nidda, Hessen-Darmstadt, immigrated 1846
John Frederick Augsut Kligner, bn December 10, 1819 in Folkmersdorf, Leipzig, Saxony, immigrated 1848
William Krause, born May 28, 1837 in Hohenzollern, Hechingen, immigrated 1853
Moritz Klump, born September 2, 1822 in Baden, immigrated 1853
Jacob Kreutz, born November 2, 1825 in Schwemlingen, Merzig, Trier, Prussia, immigrated 1846
Philipp Kuefer, born March 9, 1802 in Da?lssheim, Worms, Hessen-Darmstadt, immigrated 1840


Henry Ludwig Laile (no other information)
John Peter Loesch, born July 25, 1826 in Bertheim, Bavaria, immigrated 1849


Christian Megerle, born July 28, 1832 in Nelzdorf, Wuertemberg, immigrated 1852
Karl Frederich Theodore Michaels, bn September 4, 1828 in Neustrelitz, Mecklenberg-Strelitz, immigrated  1849


John Casper Necker, born January 10, 1822 in Schulendorf, Glendorf, Hannover, immigrated 1851
Joseph Adolf Neu, born March 30, 1824 in Steinbach, Westerburg, Elsac, immigrated 1852
George Ludwig Nolte, bn Dec. 2, 1821 in Cloppenburg, Oldenburg, immigrated 1847, He lives in Dayton Ky


Gerhard Henry Otting (? See Henry Otting Gerhard)


Franz Reichmann, born May 30, 1834 in Clasen Donaueschingen, Baden, immigrated 1852
Henry Ritte, born December 31, 1821 in Altendorf, Wolfhagen, Kurhessen, immigrated 1847
Andrew Riehl, born December 31, 1827 in Wenigunstadt, Oppenburg, Bavaria, immigrated 1853
Karl Henry Rogge, born July 11, 1829 in Osnabrueck, Hannover, immigrated 1853


Franz Scherer, born June 10, 1833 in Hagebach, Rheinpfalz, Bavaria , immigrated 1852
Christian Schmitt, born October 11, 1831 in Saxony-Gotha, Thueringia, immigrated 1847
Anam Scneider, born October 16, 1815 in Gehaus, Saxony-Weimer, immigrated 1845
Michael Schraffenberger (no other information)
John Schwartz born November 9, 1818 in Hanover, immigrated 1829
Franz Joseph Schwermann, born December 10, 1819 in Ingressen, Wahrendorf, Prussia, Immigrated 184?
William Spiegel, born February 22, 1827 in Michelstadt, Hessen-Darmstadt, immgrated 1832
William Stapf, born February 24, 1824 in Saxiny-Weimer, immigrated 1848
John Stierer (Member of Cincinnati Club)


George Teichmoeller, born August 22, 1829 in Voelkershausen, Vachau, Saxony-Weimer, immigrated 1853
William Trier, born Jlu (SIC) 4, 1828 in Verhuth, Bieschweiler, Bavaria, immigrated 1848


Thomas Utz (Member of Cincinnati Club)


Adam Wagner, born November 8, 1829 in Wadeshausen, Bavaria, immigrated 1849
Anton Walter, born January 19, 1830 in Sudburg, Elsac, immigrated 1851, lives in Dayton, Ky
Henry Warnke, born November 17, 1815 in Dolgen, Mecklenburg, immigrated 1852
Fredirich Weber, born March 26, 1819 in Muenchweiler, Winweiler, Rheinpfalz, immigrated 1840
Henry Weber, born September 30, 1826 in Herold, Massstatten, Naussau, immigrated 1851
John Weber, born November 6, 1829 in Muenchweiler, Kaiserslauten, Bavaria, immigrated 1840, lives in Campbell County Ky
Lorenz Wellinger, born June 29, 1816 in Ehrenstetten, Stauffen, Baden, immigrated 1846
John Wenderoth, born August 17, 1824 in Doernhagen, Hessen-Kassel, immigrated 1853, he now lives in  Bellevue Ky
Henry Wendt, born December 9, 1823 in Dillingen, Luebecke, Prussia, immigrated 1845
Tobias Anton Widrig, born March 26, 1830 in Ragaz St. Gallen Switzerland, immigrated 1845
William H. Wiehe, born August 30, 1827 in Hannover, immigrated 1851
George Wiedemann, born February 7, 1833 in Eisenach Saxony-Weimer, immigrated 1854
Daniel Wolf (He is already a member of the Cincinnati Club)
John Wohlfahrt, born October 27, 1826 in Sclossborn, Nassau, immigrated 1853

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