Margaret Hartman Collection

This is an index to the collection of the work done by Margaret Hartman. She was a researcher and presenter in Campbell County before it was an a popular thing to do. These are articles of  research done by her and can be found at the Campbell County Historical & Genealogical Society Martha Pelfrey Research Room.


Genealogist's Corner
Glimpses of Covington 1839 and 1840
Glimpses of Covington 1839 and 1840 Revised
Office of the Daily and Weekly News
Election Cake
Falmouth Outlook: Edward P Ball Against Robert Young's Heirs
An Early History of Covington, Kentucky
The Western Baptist Education Society
The Western Baptist Theological Institute
Linden Grove Cemetery
Methodist Men's Annual Husband-Wife Dinner Speech
Jonathan Huling
The First Poor House
Samuel Belleville
Down the River



Mt. St. Martin Convent
Newport Parks
Bridges L&N
General Taylor Mansion
Fourth Street School
Mutual Fire Insurance Co
Newport Public Library
George Richard Fearon Home
Race Track Races
Newport Streets; North and South sides of Sixth; Sixth & York; Fifth & Columbia; Northeast Corner; Courthouse Square
St Paul's Episcopal Church
First Brick Building
The Year of the Wolves, Squirrels and Crows
An Act Amendatory of the Several Acts relating to Newport
Kentucky Acts 1833-1834-Newport
Sir Christopher Newport
John Francis Hamtramck
Robert Johnson
General James Taylor Home
Richard Southgate Home
Oldest Home in Campbell County, Kentucky
Col. G W Adair Dead
Mrs. Belle Alexander
Mrs. George Marshall Allen
James Anderson & Mrs. Duke Watson
Dr. Paul D Anderson
Robert L Baldwin
Mrs. Martha A Baldwin
James Barbour
James Barbour
Joshua Barton
Charles E Bigger
Mary E Black
Farewell Service to Members of the First Presbyterian Church-Maysville
An Early History of Newport and Campbell County
Notes on Early History of Kenton Co KY
Leonard and Mary Eckert and Family
Major David Leitch and Leitch's Station
Pioneer Times in Northern Kentucky
An Evening of Poetry With out Poets of the Past
Fort Thomas Before 1867
Southgate, Kentucky
Our Area Explored in 1773
They were Born 175 years Ago-Campbell Co and Newport
Local History: Ft Thomas, General James Taylor Home, Richard Southgate Home, Mt St Martin Convent, John Bart, Prominent Men at Turn of Century Part II
Early History of Covington
Methodist Episcopal Church of Mt Pleasant Society
Northern Kentucky Bridges CA 1900
Our Namesake: Col John Campbell
Glimpses of Newport Ky 1795 on
Cold Spring, KY
Tid-Bits of Campbell Co History



National Bag and Tag Company
A Child's Christmas
History of Campbell Co
Children of Dr. Uriah and Sarah Edwards
Washington and Alice Berry
Land Office Warrants: George Muse, James Taylor
Reeves Camp Ground-Stacy Reeves
Rev Caleb Jarvis Taylor
Philip and Ebenezer S Turpin
The Hinde Family
Taliaferro House
Campbell Co Courts & Towns of Newport, Salisberry, Southgate, Harrisburg, Visalia & Alexandria
Washington Road to Miami Settlement
Tid-bits of Northern Kentucky History
Covington and The Covington Co


Before We Were Created; Campbell County
Brief History of Campbell Co Through 1795
History of Grants Lick, Kentucky
War of 1812 Soldier-Joseph Paxton
Lucas County
Wood County
Early History of Newport and Campbell Co Kentucky
Northern Kentucky Medicine; Doctors, Hospitals
Col G W Adair Dead
Mrs. Belle Alexander
Mrs. George Marshall Allen-A Tribute
Allison-Durrett Wedding
James Anderson and Mrs. Duke Watson Deaths
Paul D Anderson Death
Mrs. Martha A Baldwin Death
Ballou-Owens Wedding
James Barbour Death
Barbour-Forman Wedding
Barbour-Pickett Wedding
Barbour-Wilcox Wedding
Charles E Biggers Death
Mrs. Mary E Black Death
Farewell Services to Members of the First Presbyterian Church
George W Blatterman Death
George Walter Blatterman Jr. Death
Walter Blatterman Death
Louis Collins Blatterman Death
Christening Shelby Waller Blatterman
Mrs. Fannie Brodrick Death
Mrs. Hamilton Brooking Death
The Evolution of Kentucky Counties



Newport Kentucky at the Age of Seventy
O B Reminiscences
Papers Read at Christopher Gist Historical Society Meetings
History of Carroll Co KY
British Invasion of KY
George F Roth Jr.
Christmas in KY 75 years ago
Early Civil War in Covington and Northern Kentucky
Historical Places of Interest in Kenton and Campbell Co

Newport Kentucky
Public Square Addition 1814
Licking Addition 1814
Saw Mill 1831
Northern, Southern and Eastern Additions 1844



Papers Read at the Christopher Gist Historical Society Meetings
The Stagecoach Comes to Northern Kentucky
History of Railroads in Kentucky 1830-1860
Early Telephone History of Northern Kentucky
History, Research and Communication
Some Famous Springs in Kentucky
John Hunt Morgan
Notes and Diarys of Early Kentucky Settlers
Court Day Stallion Shows in Kentucky
Viking Spirit and Kentuckians
The Gathering and Preservation of Historical Records
Kentucky Invades Ohio-1786
Kentucky State Parks
Newport Housing Projects



Campbell Co Tax Records: 1792-1869, 1795-1839, 1811, 1812, 1802, 1796, 1795
Delinquent Tax Records: 1808, 1811, 1813, 1821, 1809, 1806, 1804
Second Census of Kentucky 1800
Licenses Tavern Keepers of Campbell Co
Plaque of A J Jolly Elementary School
Tax List 1790-1794
General Assembly Resolutions
Campbell Co Protestant Orphan Home Newport
Campbell Co Recreation Park Property Owners
Some Old Homes in Campbell Co
Coroners of Campbell Coo 1795-1858
Court House Square
Additions to Coroners
Kentucky Historical Society Cemeteries
Circuit Court Records 1824-1830
Copy Articles of Incorporation
Campbell Co Circuit Court Order Books 1803-1810
Campbell Co History of the State
Pioneer History of Campbell Co
Campbell Co Court of Quarter Sessions 1795-1802
Campbell Co Legislators
Campbell Co Fiscal Court 21 Nov 1949; Notes on Villages and Towns
Acts Passed at First Session of the Third General Assembly
Abstracts From the History of Newport



Campbell Co The First Eighteen
Local History
John Bartle
Prominent Northern KY Men at the Turn of the Century
An Early History of Covington KY
Ft Thomas Before 1867
The Methodist Episcopal Church South of Mt Pleasant
Oru Northern KY Bridges Ca 1900
Reuben Loomis and Wife Elizabeth Smith, Henry Smith
The Cornstalk Militia
The Cones (Coons) Family



Tid Bits of Northern KY History
Articles of Agreement and Leases Documents
1799-Raleigh Colston (Colston) and Samuel Agnes
1799-Raleigh Colston and James McCollum
1806-Zeba Camfield and John Fowler
1807-Sally Curry and John Lawrence
1809-Sally Curry and William Frazer
1811-Henry Anderson Sr. and William (Willis) Ellis
1812-Sally Curry and Ellison Williams
1818-James Taylor and Stephen Nutting
1829-Thomas Adams and Samuel Galbraith
1834-Joseph Keen and Joel Simmons
1838-Richard Southgate and John Boyle
1848-Merdith Herbert and Benedict Gree (Grice)
1851-Geo Davis and Mathias Walker
1852-Trustees of School District #3 and the Alexandria Lodge #152 of Free & Accepted Masons
1852-Richard Southgate and John Boyle
1857-W G Collier to William Lindley
1857-T H Henry and Modeas Smith
1858-Taylor H Berry and Christopher Arbten
1860-John H Corlin and Sebastian
1864-W R Taliaferro and Andrew Salenger
1866-Cornelius Willison and John B Graziana
1866-Cornelius Willison and Luke Lennen
1878-Fred W Janson and John Britting
1883-August Meister and John and August Meister

History of Ft Thomas
Journal of William K Beall July-Aug 1812
History of Grants Lick, Ky.
Campbell Co History Notes Being Complied by Russell Stevens
Brief History and Description of Ft Thomas Ky.
Nicholas Coleman Pettit
Historical Sketches of Southern Campbell Co



The Boone Family
Names of Defender's of Bryan's Station
Development of Campbell Co
The Bedford Family
Civil War Letters of Kentucky
Collection of Unrecorded Will, Norfolk Co Virginia
The Highways to Beech Grove



History of Pike Co Missouri
Daniel Boone and other members of the Boone Family



A Tour of the Pretty Little Town of Newport-Circa 1840
Newport Academy Minute Book-1799
An Act to Establish The Town of Newport-14 Dec 1795
1839-1840 Newport Directory and Street Names
An Early History of Newport
The Outlaws of Cave in Rock
Cave Johnson


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