7:00 pm, Thursday January 11, 2018




o   The January meeting was held at the Wilder city building.

o   President Steve Battistone opened the meeting by thanking the city of Wilder for the continuing use of their facility and welcoming new members and guests.

o   Bob Webster, president of the Kenton County Historical Society, gave a presentation on Northern Kentucky Theatres that was based on his book titled “The Balcony is Closed”.


Treasurer – Glen Elsener reported that we have a balance on hand of $8217.49.

Current Membership – It was reported that 153 members have paid for 2018.

Newsletter – The next newsletter will be the May edition. In Jan Lester’s absence, Ken Reis announced that Jan would like to begin a series of articles in the newsletter covering Campbell County Historical Markers and asked for membership’s assistance. The articles should provide information on where they are, what they say and background information on the location or event. A picture of the marker should also be provided.

          History Day – History day is scheduled for March 3rd and will again be held at the Boone County Library.


Veterans Files - Pam Casebolt reported that Sue Neltner on behalf of the city of Alexandria contacted her to request assistance on a program to honor veterans. We will be responsible for scanning veteran photos and having professional banners made. The city will be responsible for placement and removals of the banners on utility poles throughout the city.


David Leitch Cabin – Steve Battistone reported that work on the David Leitch cabin project is at a standstill. Steve is currently trying to find a way to remove the debris from the cabin without cost to the organization.



1.     Gifts and Donations - Richard McCormick reported on the items that have been donated to the organization over the past two months.

2.     Steve Battistone reported that a new scanner is being purchased for the office that will allow for copying larger negatives. 

3.     The organization has been given access to an original jail cell door from either the courthouse jail or the jail across the street. The door
    will be displayed in the museum.

4.     Effort is still underway to get CCH&GS members into the Farney house at Campbell Lodge which was built in the 1820’s.

5.     Steve Battistone requested member assistance in cleaning up the storage area in the library on January 27 beginning at 9:30.


1.     10th Annual Frank Steely Essay Contest – Shirlene Jensen asked members to encourage their grand children and others to write a
    story about family members or other historical topics for the contest. The deadline for entry is February 18.

2.     Steve announced that we will have another fundraising dance this year and the theme will be “Country”.

3.     The summer picnic will be held at the Cold Spring Municipal Park again this year and will include a baseball game played by 1869 rules.

4.     Steve Battistone discussed the organizations accomplishments for 2017 and thanked everyone who participated.



February 8

Wilder – Dr. Chris Lorentz – Thomas More College Biology field station, California Ky.

March 3

Northern Ky. History Day (Boone County Library)

March 8

Newport rolling mill steel plant office – Dean Gosney

April 12

Wilder – Dr. James Ramage – The Siege of Cincinnati

May 10

Dan Pompillio – Family and Restaurant

June 14



Member News

The deaths of Betty Daniels and Jan Mueller were announced. Jan was a former CCH&GS board member.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Dan Christen, Secretary

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