7:00 pm, Wednesday July 10, 2019




The July meeting was held at the Behringer-Crawford Museum in Park Hills Ky. Speaker for the evening was Laurie Risch, executive director of the Museum, who presented the history of the Behringer Crawford Museum and surrounding area.


Treasurer’s Report

Glen Elsener reported that we have a balance on hand of $8,856.25.                  

Current Membership

Steve Battistone reported that paid membership currently stands at 262.



The next edition of the newsletter will be out at the end of August. Anyone wishing to submit articles should send them to Jan by the beginning of August.


Veterans Records

Steve Battistone reported that there are currently 13,462 records in the veterans collection.


Email and Correspondence

1.     A thank you from the Bauman family for publishing the obituary of Don Bauman.

2.     The Family History Town Hall is in Frankfort on October 12.


Regional History Day

Richard McCormick reported that the next Regional History Day is scheduled for March 14, 2020 at the Erlanger branch of the Kenton County Library. 



Gifts and Donations  

Richard McCormick reported on gifts and donations received over the last month including;

1.     Donor: Mike Stull: bridal announcements.

2.     Donor: Bev Harber:  newspaper clippings, programs, other paperwork, including 1931 & 1932 train tickets from Southgate 

3.     Donor: Tete Turner/Newport School Systems:  Newportian: 1954, 2015, 2002, 1991, Transformation 1927-2017 (2016-17 yearbook)

4.     Donor: Margaret (Koeninger) Zink-Fritsch (dropped off by Kate Zink, no paperwork)- 2 boxes of newspaper clippings, albums, miscellaneous stuff,  etc. 

5.     Donor: Billie Jean Radin: Formal dress, 1946 A.J. Jolly Graduation

• Photos of family of Jean Helen Riddle & Eilber Le Roy Rardin; Carl Ray Rardin & Edna Ruth Riddle; Otto & Cardelia Riddle, Lock master of Lock 35; 

• Kimono & Toddler outfit 

• 5 envelopes of souvenir military pieces sent from Wilbur Rardin while stationed in Hawaii

• 1 purse w/belt, bracelet & ladies compact enclosed 

6.     Donor:  Charles Michael Teal:  Marine Corps Patron Photo 403, Advanced Combat Training

• Basic Training Photo (yard long)

7.     Donor: Bruce Moore: 18 Membership Applications for the Jr. Order United American Mechanics

• 1 envelope

• 1 receipt book 1912-194 (?)

• 1 by-laws & rules of order book, Carthage Council No. 95, Jr. O.U.A.M. 

• 1 – constitution & by-laws - Carthage Council No. 90

• 1-medal

• 1- member badge in ribbon

• 1- council American Flan in medals

• 1- ribbon of 65th annual session of state council no. 95 

• 1-button in ribbon 28th annual session 

8.     Donor: Anonymous: -3 scrapbooks and 2 metal boxes of Campbell County Homemakers pictures, newsletters, paperwork, etc. 

9.     Donor: Jan Reis: 2 books: Diary of a Serviceman: From the 87th to 493rd and Home,

History of the Diocese of Covington Kentucky

 Society Publications

“A Day in Campbell County” Book Project

 The committee has completed review of the 1700 pictures that were submitted for the publication. The photos were broken down into twenty-five communities and the committee is currently working on the layout of the book. Photographers will get a preliminary notification soon that their photos have made the first cut. Steve Battistone informed society members that their help will be needed to apply captions to some of the photos. The next meeting of the committee will be on July 24.


Road trip to Carillion Park

Steve Battistone reported that CCH&GS is planning a bus trip to Carillon Park on September 21. Cost of the trip will be approximately $25 per person and will include admission to the park. Steve asked everyone interested in the trip to add their name to a sign-up sheet.

Silver Grove School Donations

Steve Battistone reported that the organization will be receiving items that were requested from the Silver Grove School which is now closed. The only exception is the time clock that was located in the entry hall. Dr. Rust will decide who gets the clock.

 Campbell County Sr. Citizen’s Picnic

The Sr. Citizen picnic will be held on September 25 at Pendry Park. CCH&GS will have a booth at the event.

Silver Grove Reunion                                      

The Silver Grove reunion event is scheduled for September 7 this year.


August 8

Griffin Industries, Brian Griffin

Wilder City Building

7:00 PM

September 12

Essay Contest Winners

Wilder City Building

7:00 PM

October 10

Wadsworth Watch Case Company

Wilder City Building

7:00 PM

November 10

Veterans Celebration

Wilder City Building

7:00 PM

December 12

Christmas Social

Wilder City Building

7:00 PM

January 9

Shane Goins – Timeline of Newport History

Wilder City Building

7:00 PM

February 13

Show and Tell

Wilder City Building

7:00 PM


Member News – Nothing new to report

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,


Dan Christen


Dan Christen (Secretary)


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