7:00 pm, Thursday June 13, 2019




The June meeting of the Campbell County Historical & Genealogical Society was our annual picnic and was held at the Cold Spring City Building. President Steve Battistone welcomed members and guests and thanked the city of Cold Spring for the use of their facility.


Treasurer’s Report

Glen Elsener reported that we have a balance on hand of $8,425.41.                 


Current Membership

 Jan Lester reported that paid membership currently stands at 254.   



The next edition of the newsletter will be out at the end of August. Anyone wishing to submit articles should send them to Jan by the beginning of August. This edition will include essay contest winning entries.


Veterans Records

There was no update on veteran records.


Email and Correspondence

1.   Karl Leitzenmayer will speak on LaFayette’s trip to our area on September 21 at 10:30 AM at the Erlanger Branch of the Kenton County Library.

2.   Antiques Fair will be held on Saturday, October 26 at the Main Branch of the Kenton County Library, time TBD.

3.   Kentucky History and Genealogy Conference is scheduled for Friday, August 23 and Saturday August 24 from 9:30 until 5:00 at the Mercer County Public Library.


Regional History Day

Richard reported that the attendance for this year’s event was 178 people, which was slightly more than attendance for 2018. Richard also reported that the next History Day is scheduled for March 14, 2020 at the Erlanger branch of the Kenton County Library. The next meeting of the History Day committee is scheduled for September.


Gifts and Donations  

Richard McCormick reported on gifts and donations received over the last month including;

1.  Donor: Anonymous: Box of various maps, WWI book: Freedom’s Triumph: The Why, When and Where of the European Conflict  

2.  Donor: Mike Stull:  2019 Newport High School Senior Awards night program 

3.  Donor: Bev Harber: various newspaper clippings

4.  Donor: Jeanne Muhlberger: box of newspaper clippings, programs, old photos, other paper docs  

5.  Donor: Nick Cleves: Hack saw and handmade plane (tool)          

6.  Donor: Mary (Seifert) Kaiser:  2 modern copies of photos of Frank “Midge” Guerrea sponsored Knothole team, 1949 

7.  Donor: Neva Fogue:  Sheet Music – Kentucky My Kentucky by Mattie Nelson Gosney, published in Alexandria KY 1931  

8.  Donor: Julia K. Barnhill: Eastlake Chair (Steve B. holding in storage),  48 Star American Flag , 1962 Newport Catholic Yearbook,  Postcard with view of Newport Catholic High School,  Postcard, view of “Memorial Bridge, Newport to Covington  (Veterans Memorial Bridge, 4th St), 1963 Newport Catholic armband, Newport Catholic beanie,  Newport Catholic beanie 1967,   Slide projector and Louis Trauth Milk Bottle Glass, ½ Gallon 

9.  Donor: Ky. Transportation Dept – maps of county road projects 

10.  Donor: anonymous – Ky. Explorer magazines

 Society Publications

“A Day in Campbell County” Book Project

Steve Battistone reported that approximately 1700 photos were submitted for the publication. The photos were separated into twenty-five communities/categories and twelve of those have been reviewed so far. It is estimated that pictures will be selected for the book and photographers notified by the end of June or early July.


Evergreen Cemetery

Mike Stull reported that the next meeting of the Friends of Evergreen Cemetery will take place on July 19 at 7:00 PM at the Ft. Thomas Antique Mall. Work was recently completed on the front of the cemetery building including the addition of new mulch.

Map Collection

Sharon is currently evaluating hundreds of maps of Campbell County road projects that were donated by the Ky. Transportation Dept.

Road trip to Carillion Park

Steve Battistone asked those in attendance if they would be interested in a bus trip to Carillion Park which is near Dayton, Ohio. Having received a positive response, Steve will work on scheduling the trip on a Saturday or Sunday in the September timeframe. If fifty people sign up the estimated cost of the trip would be about $25 per person and would include admission to the park.

Silver Grove School Donations

Steve Battistone reported he has been working with Susan Waters to identify items that CCH&GS would like to have from the Silver Grove School. Those items include a pencil drawing of a train that was hung in the entryway to the school, 2 Banners, a Jersey, logo chairs and a time clock. There is a meeting of the committee next week to finalize distribution of items. The Campbell County School District takes possession of the building at the end of June.

CCH&GS Volunteer of the Year Award

The CCH&GS Volunteer of the year award was presented to Glen Elsener for his tireless work in supporting and promoting the society.



July 10

Behringer Crawford Museum Tour

Park Hills, Ky.

7:00 PM

August 8

Griffin Industries, Brian Griffin

Wilder City Building

7:00 PM

September 12

Essay Contest Winners

Wilder City Building

7:00 PM

October 10

Wadsworth Watch Case Company

Wilder City Building

7:00 PM

November 10

Veterans Celebration

Wilder City Building

7:00 PM

December 12

Christmas Social

Wilder City Building

7:00 PM


Member News – Nothing new to report

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,


Dan Christen


Dan Christen (Secretary)


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