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From Campbell County History News - January 1997

The following is printed in a book written by A. W. Chase M. D. in 1866. Doctor Chase was apparently affiliated with the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor where he notes, “an entrance fee of only $10, with $5 yearly, pays for a full Literary, Law, Medical, or Civil Engineering Course.” The book is described as “an invaluable collection of about eight hundred practical recipes” with “information for Everybody”. The book is currently owned by Jeff Weimer who contributed the following information. All the articles are taken as written in the book.

Image of cover of book extracted from the digitzed book (http://scholar.lib.vt.edu/digital_books/pdf/TX153.C49_1866.pdf)
which can be found at the Virgina Tech Digital Library and Archives (http://scholar.lib.vt.edu/digital_books/index.html)


For sprains, strains, lame-back rheumatism, caked breasts, caked udders, Etc.

Good sized live toads, 4 in number; put into boiling water and cook very soft; then take them out and boil the water down to a 1/2 pt. and add fresh churned, unsalted butter 1 lb. and simmer together; at the last add tincture of arnica 2 ozs.

This was obtained from an old Physician, who thought more of it then any other prescription in his possession. Some persons might think it hard on toads, but you could not kill them quicker any other way.


Dr. Peabody’s Cure - In its worst forms, - Red Iodine of Mercury 7 grs; iodine of potassium 9 grs: aqua dis (distilled water) 1 oz; mix. Commence by giving 6 drops 3 or 4 times a day, increasing 1 drop a day until 12 or 15 drops are given at a dose. Give in a little water immediately after meals. If it causes a griping sensation in the bowels, and fullness in the head when you get up to 12 or 15 drops, go back to 6 drops, and up again as before.

In two very bad cases of jaundice, I have known the above to be entirely successful.

I am aware that many persons will not use any preparation containing mercury in any of its form, while there are many others who would use them for that very reason; my object is to benefit all, without strengthening the prejudices of any; for this reason I give the following drink for Jaundice.

Tie up soot and saffron, equal parts, in a cloth to the size of half of a hens egg, let it lie in a glass of water overnight; in the morning put the yolk of an egg, beaten, into this water, and drink it. Do this 3 mornings, skipping 3, until 9 doses have been taken.

I am assured this has proved successful in many bad cases.


Two measures of litharge and 1 each of unsacked lime and flint glass; each to be pulverized separately before mixing; then to use it, wet it with old drying-oil.

The Germans use it for glass and china ware only. Water hardens it instead of softening.


Cure for horses or persons. Spirits of turpentine 3 ozs.; laudenum 1 oz.; mix, and give all for a dose, by putting it in a bottle with half pint of warm water, which prevents injury to the throat. If relief is not obtained in one hour, repeat the dose, adding half an ounce of the best powdered aloes, well dissolved together, and have no uneasiness about the result.

Symptoms-The horse often lies down, suddenly rising again with a spring; strikes his belly with his hind feet, stamps with his fore feet, and refuses every kind of food. I suppose there is no medicine in use, for cholic, either in man or horse, equal to this mixture.

For persons, a dose would be from 1 to 2 tea-spoons - children or weak persons, less according to the urgency of the symptoms, to be taken with warm water or warm tea. I have been familiar with it for about five years, and know that it has been successful in many cases - all where it has been used. Many think it is the best cholic remedy in the world.

Image of author extracted from the digitized book (http://scholar.lib.vt.edu/digital_books/pdf/TX153.C49_1866.pdf)
which can be found at the Virginia Tech Digital Library and Archives (http://scholar.lib.vt.edu/digital_books/index.html)

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