7:00 pm, Thursday November 8, 2018




o   The November meeting was held at the Wilder City Building.

o   President Steve Battistone opened the meeting by thanking the city of Wilder for the use of their facility and welcoming members and guests.

o   The meeting was a tribute to veterans and the military and featured recorded interviews of Campbell County veterans by Marvin Record. The meeting also featured a display of World War I artifacts from the CCHG&S veteran’s collection.


Treasurer’s Report

Glen Elsener reported that we have a balance on hand of $ 6092.76           

Current Membership

 Jan Lester reported that 269 members have paid for 2018.


The January issue of the newsletter will be out at the end of December and will include the membership renewal form and a flier for the 2019 Essay Contest. Anyone wishing to submit articles for this issue should do so by December 1.


Email and Correspondence

1.     The Kentucky Historical Society has a Kentucky Ancestors Town Hall that is similar to “who do you think you are”. People submit roadblocks or mysteries in their families and professional genealogists work to solve them. The deadline for the 2020 show is October 12, 2019. Family mysteries can be submitted online, the application is on the Kentucky Historical Society web site.

2.     Family Search has added additional content to their web site including records from Germany, Prussia, Westphalia, the United States and Tennessee Confederate pension applications.


History Day

History Day 2019 will be held on March 23 at the Erlanger branch of the Kenton County Library. The committee has decided to change the format of the event in 2019. The new format will feature three sessions with three speakers at each session for a total of nine presentations, this changed format will extend the end time of the event to approximately 2:30 PM.  


Gifts and Donations  

Richard McCormick reported on gifts and donations received over the last month including clothing and artifacts from Korean War veteran Harry Ledman (donated by Mark Ledman), artifacts from the disbanded Ft. Thomas Women’s Club, camera and equipment donated by Joe Darpel and a map of the proposed road from Johns Hill road to the AA highway donated by the Kentucky Transportation department.

Society Facebook Page

Kevin Neltner is taking over support of the Societies Facebook page for the next few weeks as part of a school class project.


Society Publications

Glen Elsener reported that the Hayfield Precinct (Camp Springs) publication that is being updated with additional text and improved photos will be sent to the printer within the next two weeks. The book consists of 75 pages and is 60% new material compared to the previous version of the book.     


1.     The annual election of officers and board members took place during the meeting and all existing Officers and Board members were unanimously re-elected.

Steve Battistone – President

Pam Casebolt – Vice President

Glen Elsener – Treasurer

Dan Christen – Secretary

Shirlene Jensen – Director

Jim Schroer - Director

Richard McCormick - Director

Mark Thomas – Director


2.     A new Pearl Bryan book is being published by author Larry Tippin. Larry has agreed to give a presentation to our membership on the new book and will be scheduled for the February or May 2019 meeting.

3.     Steve Battistone, Ken Reis and Jim Schroer toured the Hawthorne Cabin located on Licking Pike. The Hawthorne Cabin is owned by the Campbell County Conservancy and they were going to raze and burn it. Rich Boehne, who has a farm in Morning View Kentucky, is interested in moving the cabin to his farm and is making arrangements with the conservancy to disassemble the cabin, reclaim the land where it currently sits and reassemble it on his property. Steve thanked Jim Schroer for bringing attention to this cabin which allowed it to be saved.

4.     Steve Battistone reported that the society received a large donation of material from the disbanded Ft. Thomas Women’s Club including their minutes and history. The organization was founded in 1915 and was a large benefactor of Camp Sunshine. Over the years the organization donated in excess of $80,000 to the camp. CCHG&S will be sharing artifacts from this collection with the Ft. Thomas museum.




December 13

Wilder – Holiday Celebration

January 10

Wilder – St. Francis (Dayton) Cemetery Renovation.

February 14


March 14

Highland Country Club – Dan Schlarman, History of Highland Country Club

April 11

Biography on Pete Schmidt – Glen Schmidt


Member News – Nothing new to report

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Dan Christen


Dan Christen (Secretary)

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