8352 E Main St
2nd Floor
Alexandria, KY 41001
(859) 635-6407

Office Hours:
Tues 10-5
Thur 10-2
Sat 10-2

We hope you will enjoy this virtual tour and will pay us a visit at our office in the near future. This tour has been broken into several pages for faster loading of pictures.

We are located on the second floor of the historic 1840 Alexandria Courthouse.
Enter the front door and you will see the stairway on the left leading to our research office.
When you reach the top of the stairs, take a minute to rest and check out the displays on the wall.  On the right is the wall of honor showing some of the individuals that have made great contributions to the preservation of local history. 
In the left corner you will see the entrance to our research office.

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