Proud to be the Campbell County Kentucky site for the American Local History Network

8352 E Main St
2nd Floor
Alexandria, KY 41001
(859) 635-6407

Office Hours:
Tues 10am - 5pm
Thur 10am - 2pm
Sat 10am - 2pm


Entering the front door, you will find yourself in our main office staffed with 100% volunteer workers. There is no charge for visiting and researching at our office but we do ask that everyone sign our guest book on the corner of the desk. 

The photocopier (not pictured) is in this room and can be used for 10 cents a page. Please get approval from the person on duty before making a large number of copies.
You will see a bookshelf on the left with books for sale and about 25 binders of local photos.

Passing through the door shown, you will enter out military information room. This room contains the approximately 100 volume set of civil war correspondence books and approximately 100 years worth of the D.A. R. magazine. Numerous other military books and items can also be found in this room.

On the right, you will see dozens of binders containing information on Campbell County Veterans. 

Have you submitted information on your veteran ancestor from Campbell County? If not, the form is located here.

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